Great Ways to Fix Bad Credit

In today’s credit card society, bad credit may seem like the norm rather than the
exception.  Less-than-stellar credit may be keeping you from securing loans for a new  home or vehicle, or the resulting
high interest rates may be putting a heavy stress on your finances. The good news is that there are ways you can repair  your                                                             credit and improve your rating. Before you do anything else, you will need to get a copy of your credit report to discover
what things are weighing negatively on your credit.  You’ll want to contact all of the individual creditors listed and find out if you                                                   put together a workable repayment plan that you can afford.  As you pay off the debts, make sure that you get a letter in writing                                                stating that payment has been fulfilled.  If you note inaccuracies on your report, you will need to dispute them with the creditors  reporting them.
If you have credit card debts, contact your credit card companies and ask for a reduction
in the interest rates.  Use the reduction of interest applied to a credit card account to pay down the debt faster.     Also, if you have any credit cards,                   cut them up, or hide them away so that you are not tempted to rack up more debt Finally, apply for a bank sponsored debit or prepaid credit card.  As
you use this for purchases and make regular payments, you will slowly rebuild bad credit into good credit.

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